check in.

Obsessing over: how fast I can get my 'to do' list done, and get back to knitting.
Thinking about: what Penny is trying to tell me. pretty sure she is trying to get me to take her to the 'whale store', but i'm not sure where that could be.
Anticipating: tomorrow night! we're going to start trying for baby #2. we're making an event out of it.
Listening to: see 'thinking about'. Penelope just keeps yelling 'whale store' at me.
Drinking: water with lemon.
Wishing: it was my birthday already. Bruce is buying me a new lens, i'm beyond grateful and excited!


my girl.

I've been too busy lately hanging out with this girl to update this blog. It's amazing how big she's gotten over the past few months. I promise myself I'll update more...just as soon as we're done playing..



Obsessing over: what project to work on next. valentines or refinishing the dresser. too many options.
 Working on: getting my daughter out of the house and to the park.
Thinking about: dinner. the next meal is always on my mind.
Anticipating: getting the gym over with today.
Drinking: ice cold water.
Wishing: see anticipating: wishing the gym was just over. i don't want to go! but i'll push through anyways.