I made that fatal mistake the other day by promising Penelope we could do ___ when she woke up in the morning. This time, I promised biscuits and putting together a puzzle. When I promised this, it was 11pm, and I hoped it would help her sleep if she had something to look forward to doing. Of course it didn't, she stayed up until 2am, then woke me up eagerly at 9am to do said things. I could barely keep my eyes open, but I promised.  Can you tell a girl no after that? She remembers everything at this age, and while I'm thankful she has such a clear memory, you have to be extremely careful what you tell her.

So, we made biscuits.

I was quickly glad I got up and got with it. I use this recipe, they remind me of the ones my grandmother made me when I was little. I absolutely love making biscuits. I love putting all the work into them, and knowing if I'm not patient or gentle, they won't turn out any good. You can't overmix the dough. You can't roll out the dough, only gently patting it down. You can't open the oven too soon to check on them and let all the warm air out. Patience is not something that comes naturally to me, and I need to test myself constantly. Ok, I don't go around looking for ways to test my patience, but they certainly come to me. And it's best if I simply embrace it when it happens.

This baking experience with Penelope was made possible by the sleeping baby. I really think Woody, who Penny just had to put next to her brother, really helped him stay asleep.

Penny got her biscuits slathered in strawberry jam. I got some one on one time with her. I got my daily does of patience. Win.


Snow day.

We woke up twice in the last week to snow. It was a real treat, considering it was in the 60's the week before. Oklahoma is known for it's indecisive weather, and I actually love that about living here. You can wear shorts one day and it's snowing the next. You certainly don't get bored.

Penelope really loves the snow. She does not love wearing jackets, ever, which makes me feel even colder. Once Hank fell asleep and we had a chance to sneak out of the house and play in it, the melting had already started. She didn't seem to mind. We stayed out long enough to find some good snow to make ice cream with and for her hands to freeze. Along with jackets, this girl also hates mittens/gloves of any sort. Sigh.

When I say Hank fell asleep, it means Bruce got home from work. That is the only place he will take a nap longer than 10 minutes. You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Bruce is a team player though, he gladly accepts the task of sitting on the couch for 3 hours, watching golf and napping with Hank. 

Now the snow is gone. The high is 61 on Sunday. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere with a real winter, where snow certain and not a maybe. I'm not sure how well I'd handle that, but it's a nice thought. For now I'll enjoy our whopping 3 inch snowfalls we seem to get once a year.