we're still waiting for a certain little boy to be born, but in the mean time the trees are changing colors and it's finally starting to resemble fall. this is a red maple in my mom's front yard and it's my favorite tree. a lot of trees around oklahoma tend to simply die every fall, but this one never fails to change colors. 



my baby is three today. three whole years we've had together. some days it feels like it went by the blink of an eye, others it feels like she's been here my whole life (yes, I know that's impossible). either way, it's apparent she is 3 as she decided to sleep in her own bed last night. growing up fast. I love you, sweet girl.


hello, blogger

I guess I'm trying to see how long I can go between posts. A lot happens in a few months. This girl has been growing like a weed. Full blown conversations and just getting taller and taller by the day. She asks for food right before bed and something as soon as she wakes up. Somebody needs to tell her to stop. It helps that another little one will be arriving in the fall, but it doesn't completely erase the fact that she is turning into a her own little person.



 the january daybook taken from this website. a lovely way to wrap up the month, and look forward to the rest of the year.


outside my window ::: a beautiful morning, but not so february like. it's warm out there.
I am thinking ::: what projects I can finish today, and if I really want to squeeze in the grocery shopping.
I am thankful :::
for my husband. I've been sick, and I suspect Penny hasn't been feeling good because of her horrible sleeping habits, and he's been there to help both his girls.
In the kitchen :::
a massive brisket waiting to be cooked.  empty wine glasses from a celebration last night.
I am wearing :::
gym shorts and a maternity shirt. I really need to change before I leave the house, but these are my comfy clothes.
I am creating :::
knitting away at some coffee sleeves. they're instant gratification knits. and making a new blanket for Penny.
I am going :::
I'm not sure...something to add to what I'm thinking about.
I am wondering :::
when this cold will pass. being sick is not something I do with grace.
I am reading :::
lots of gardening books. and just picked up a new Amish book from my mom [my family is obsessed with the amish lifestyle. so to feed that obsession, we read fiction books about their life].
I am hoping :::
to get out of the house some today. just have to bring lots of tissues along.
I am looking forward to :::
my birthday. it's the 24th of this month. Bruce is spoiling me this year. this rarely happens, because I tell him no, so I'm really excited for this one.
I am learning :::
to gauge my knitting projects. I like to jump in and say 'screw it', but of course the results aren't always what I hope for.
Around the house :::
it's been relatively clean all week! I attribute that to Bruce working a lot. he's my messiest babe.
I am pondering :::
what things February will bring. January has been a little more of handful than I expected and set out for it to be.
A favorite quote for today :::
I have favorite words for different days, but not exactly quotes. today's word would definitely be patience.
One of my favorite things ::: family time. we really have been lacking it the past few weeks with Bruce's schedule. there's nothing better than being around my favorite people.
A few plans for the rest of the week ::: friday is family day. we're going to a local BBQ joint that always seems to sell out before we get there. and then hit up some estate sales.
A peek into my day ::: the january sun. it's something i'll definitely miss.


check in.

Obsessing over: how fast I can get my 'to do' list done, and get back to knitting.
Thinking about: what Penny is trying to tell me. pretty sure she is trying to get me to take her to the 'whale store', but i'm not sure where that could be.
Anticipating: tomorrow night! we're going to start trying for baby #2. we're making an event out of it.
Listening to: see 'thinking about'. Penelope just keeps yelling 'whale store' at me.
Drinking: water with lemon.
Wishing: it was my birthday already. Bruce is buying me a new lens, i'm beyond grateful and excited!


my girl.

I've been too busy lately hanging out with this girl to update this blog. It's amazing how big she's gotten over the past few months. I promise myself I'll update more...just as soon as we're done playing..



Obsessing over: what project to work on next. valentines or refinishing the dresser. too many options.
 Working on: getting my daughter out of the house and to the park.
Thinking about: dinner. the next meal is always on my mind.
Anticipating: getting the gym over with today.
Drinking: ice cold water.
Wishing: see anticipating: wishing the gym was just over. i don't want to go! but i'll push through anyways.