the january daybook taken from this website. a lovely way to wrap up the month, and look forward to the rest of the year.


outside my window ::: a beautiful morning, but not so february like. it's warm out there.
I am thinking ::: what projects I can finish today, and if I really want to squeeze in the grocery shopping.
I am thankful :::
for my husband. I've been sick, and I suspect Penny hasn't been feeling good because of her horrible sleeping habits, and he's been there to help both his girls.
In the kitchen :::
a massive brisket waiting to be cooked.  empty wine glasses from a celebration last night.
I am wearing :::
gym shorts and a maternity shirt. I really need to change before I leave the house, but these are my comfy clothes.
I am creating :::
knitting away at some coffee sleeves. they're instant gratification knits. and making a new blanket for Penny.
I am going :::
I'm not sure...something to add to what I'm thinking about.
I am wondering :::
when this cold will pass. being sick is not something I do with grace.
I am reading :::
lots of gardening books. and just picked up a new Amish book from my mom [my family is obsessed with the amish lifestyle. so to feed that obsession, we read fiction books about their life].
I am hoping :::
to get out of the house some today. just have to bring lots of tissues along.
I am looking forward to :::
my birthday. it's the 24th of this month. Bruce is spoiling me this year. this rarely happens, because I tell him no, so I'm really excited for this one.
I am learning :::
to gauge my knitting projects. I like to jump in and say 'screw it', but of course the results aren't always what I hope for.
Around the house :::
it's been relatively clean all week! I attribute that to Bruce working a lot. he's my messiest babe.
I am pondering :::
what things February will bring. January has been a little more of handful than I expected and set out for it to be.
A favorite quote for today :::
I have favorite words for different days, but not exactly quotes. today's word would definitely be patience.
One of my favorite things ::: family time. we really have been lacking it the past few weeks with Bruce's schedule. there's nothing better than being around my favorite people.
A few plans for the rest of the week ::: friday is family day. we're going to a local BBQ joint that always seems to sell out before we get there. and then hit up some estate sales.
A peek into my day ::: the january sun. it's something i'll definitely miss.

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