Yesterday was terrible. Not so much for me, it was a beautiful day here in Oklahoma and we got to sleep in, but knowing what happened 1,600 miles away left a bad taste in my mouth all day. I know terrible things happen all the time, but it doesn’t dull the pain. As my kids get older, my sensitivity to the bad in the world grows. My heart aches for everyone involved.
On the other hand, I forget how wonderful April is. It rains, a lot. I can dig my hands into the ground and start planting. Watch the seedlings grow. My irises and azaleas bloom. The neighborhood becomes more alive, more children trickle out of their houses. We spend more time outside than in (and I feel less guilty about ignoring the massive amount of laundry that needs to be folded). 
I’m going to focus on the good aspect of April. It’s time for growth and I could use a lot of that lately. I’ve spent the better part of this year running in circles. And angry. But there is no time for all of the wonderful things if I’m just continually pissed off. 
It’s cloudy and cool today, I’m hoping it rains so we can jump in puddles again. If you need me, I’m the crazy lady in the street enjoying it almost as much as my kid.

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