pumpkin patch.

This is the first year we've gone to a pumpkin patch that wasn't in a parking lot of a church. Not that I didn't want to take Penny and didn't think she would like it, but we do things last minute style around here and the church down was the close. My local cloth diaper group had planned an outing for last night and Penny was obsessed with the idea of seeing farm animals AND pumpkins, so we decided to head on out. It was a 30 minute drive out there which felt like 3 hours to my girl. She is generally pretty patient on car rides but every 5 minutes she wanted to know when we would be there.

I will admit that when we arrived I was irritated. It was busy, I wanted a decent picture of all of us in the beautiful evening light, but Penny wanted to feed the animals until the sun was almost gone. I forget I have to let go of all expectations if I want to have fun with my family. My controlling side can rear it's ugly head and ruin the evening. I was able to realize this part of the way through and chill out. Fudge helped. Maple pecan fudge to be specific. 

Yesterday also marked Hank turning 11 months old. We are on the countdown to 1 now. It feels so surreal. 

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