It's only been about..a year and a half? Life has been very busy, very full and ever changing. I woke up wanting to write but couldn't find any journals. (The kids have dragged them to different corners of the house, to rip out paper for paper airplanes. I need to find a good hiding spot). Then I remembered this little space of the internet. A place I always intended, and wanted, to share things but I'm not so great at following through. 

The last time I posted I had a 4 year old, 1 year old and newborn. They don't even look like the same children anymore. Penny is 6, Hank is 3, and Delilah is 1.5. We've moved, Bruce is a firefighter, and we've found an amazing homeschooling community. To be honest, it was hard getting here and somedays it's still hard living in a different place than I had my entire life. There was a lot of dark days at first, a lot of crying, and a lot questioning our decision. Bruce absolutely loves his job, and feels fulfilled, which is great. I'm still finding my place, but I've met some great new friends and it keeps me hoping.

I will say we have been able to connect more as a family here. We had to, we only had each other. We've gone on more hikes and explored more than we ever did before. It's the best thing that's happened to us here. 

I've been a little exhausted lately and run down. There is a tiny reason for that: our family is growing again this summer. This ultrasound is a few weeks old. I don't normally get unnecessary ultrasounds done, but I wasn't even convinced I was pregnant. I wasn't feeling any symptoms and I wasn't sure HOW it had happened (besides that obvious, I *do* know how babies are made). It seems like after it was confirmed I was throwing up and wanting to sleep all day. The joys of life. I'm excited to be done with this phase, move onto the nesting and dreaming about smelling a newborn again. 

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