New Years

2011 is finally here. 2010 brought some wonderful things. In 2010, we got married, moved into a much nicer house, watched our daughter turn one, watched her learn how to crawl, walk, eat, talk, and grew with each other. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Now, I am ready for a new year, with new goals and a fresh start. We kicked the New Year off by lounging around the house, watching football, and cooking. Our favorite things in the Alexander household.

Dad sat around in his snuggie, and Penelope rocked her jammies well into the afternoon. We each stole some quality time with her, and she showered us with kisses and blows to the face (love blows!).

I didn't make a list of resolutions, but I have goals for this year I would like to keep up with:

1. Finish my Associates degree of English. This shouldn't be hard, seeing as I only have one more semester. I have to make sure I work hard and pass with good grades. I would like to figure out what to do about my education after I complete this, but I don't want to put too much stress on myself.

2. Eat less sugar. I need to accomplish this goal. I feel sluggish and have a horrible relationship with sugar. I am not going to cut it out completely, because that's impossible for me, but greatly reduce my intake.

3. Focus on my other major relationship: my marriage. Bruce and I have always had a good relationship, and we spend a lot of time together but 99% of the time it's also shared with Penelope. Atleast once a month, i'd like to take him out to eat or to play pool. I know we really need that quality time together, and I find myself longing for it now that Penelope has become more independent.

4. Stop ignoring myself. I have a huge creative side and a few needs that I have put off since becoming a mother. I am okay with the fact I set myself aside for the past year, but it would benefit everyone if I felt a little more fufilled in live. I am just going to focus on the little things, like finishing projects I start and writing more often. Oh, and find more time to shower. That will be an ongoing goal.

So here's to 2011, I am going into this year with my head up and my heart open.

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