Penelope's first ice cream.

Today was wonderful, especially for our little lady. We kicked the day off by visiting my friend Danielle at her work, to be treated to a free meal. We had fried mushrooms, big salads, and a 'Betty White' pizza. Penny was a hit with all of her co-workers and stayed pleasant the whole time. It was nice to catch up and enjoy a free meal.

Next, Bruce and Penelope napped, then we were off to the doctor's office. She gained over 2 pounds, bringing her to a whopping 19 lb 12 ozs. She was about 29 inches, but it was hard to tell since she wouldn't lay down. When her shot came around, all hell broke loose. She did not want to lay down, and as soon as the nurse stuck the needle in, she screamed bloody murder. I felt horrible, and it took her a little longer to get over it than normal. Bruce and I instantly knew she deserved something to make up for the pain. I thought of this cute little ice cream shop in Utica Square, called Nantucket Creamery, and we headed that way. Our lady got a scoop of vanilla with strawberries mixed in, and she was the happiest little girl.

We came home and played in the yard for awhile, since the weather was so beautiful. The mailman was kind enough to bring Bruce a check from an amendent tax return in 2008 for almost 300 dollars, and our check from the insurance company for my camera. We managed to make nearly 800 dollars today without stepping a foot in work!

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