Peg people.

For Christmas this year, I wanted to stay away from big gifts for Penelope since she seems to have a ridiculous amount of large toys and not so much the smaller ones that she loves and she can use her imagination with. I saw this post and it inspired me to make some little folks for her, I knew she would love them. Since I procrastinate with every thing, I was happy to find the paint I needed and wooden pegs at Hobby Lobby, and didn't have to wait to get them shipped. I picked a night where I had some time to sit down and focus, when Bruce was home to hold Hank when he woke up, and went to work. It was so much fun painting these! I'm a big hands-on person anyways, but now I find myself wanting to sit around and make more. I would do something different with their faces, you can't see them much in these pictures though. I would of gotten a smaller brush as well, I just went with the sizes we had on hand and it was harder to make the detail perfect, even though my 3 year old doesn't care. We put these in her stocking and her eyes lit up when she saw them. She immediately picked them up and went to play with them in her dollhouse, leaving all other gifts in the dust. There is fewer things more satisfying than making something with your little one in mind, and them loving it as much as you had hoped. 

She made a pathway from the middle of our bedroom to 'clothe mountain', the laundry basket, and the little people climbed and walked along it.

I will most definitely be making some of these for Hank in the future, and some more for Penny using different sized pegs (tempted to buy this set on easy and paint them all). I might have a slight obsession.

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