winter or spring?

The past few days have been warm around here. Warm as in, if we didn't have a fan in our bedroom to circulate air, I more than likely would of turned the air conditioner on last night. I cannot sleep in a puddle of my own sweat. I was still up at 1 last night and checked the weather, it was 70 degrees. Certainly not what January weather should be. One of the pros of this warm weather wave is Penelope is able to spend a lot more time outside. It's been harder this winter getting out as much, since we have a tiny one to look after who doesn't care for cold air whipping him in the face. I'm also coming out of 'I just had a baby' hibernation mode, transitioning from sitting around staring at his face all day to actually doing things out in the world.

The time between middle of January until the middle of March generally throws me off like this. Everything is dead, but when it warms up a little like yesterday, there are pops up green. It's nice to see but I know it's just a tease. The real green won't come back for months. Buds might pop up here and there, but nothing is really going to bloom. I spend this time of the year wishing it would either snow or hurry up and be spring. It's a terrible thing to wish away large chunks of time, but I get so antsy during the in between. I'm trying to combat it by staying busy this year and focus on the little things, like this girl and her (meme's) cat.

She loves torturing this cat. My mom has 3, but Leslie is the only one who comes around Penny for long periods of time. The other's can't handle her tough love. I wish Bruce and I weren't extremely allergic and we could get her a cat of her very own. For now, this one will do. 

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