Yarn Along

This is my first time joining Ginny's yarn along. I'm hoping this will help me keep up with my current projects, seeing as it's taken me 4 weeks to almost complete Bruce's hat, and that's just ridiculous. It still isn't done because I ditched it for this project. I'm making myself something (!!!), a honey cowl. I've had this pattern bookmarked for awhile, but I've seen others making it lately and decided now is the time. It's cold out, I could really use it. I really love the pattern, it looks lovely but it isn't complicated at all. 

The book is Naomi Shihab Nye's Words Under the Words (yes, where I got my blog name). It's one of her books of poetry and I love it. I'm not reading it back to cover, I've done that plenty of times, but I like picking it up to read a few poems in the morning. It gets my brain working and inspires me.


  1. I would love to knit a honey cowl at some point too. What yarn are you using? It's very pretty!

    1. Thanks, it's madelinetosh, although I can't remember the color. I bought it last summer for a different project.

  2. I have seen so many honey cowls being worked up - it must mean that I need to cast on one too! Although, I do have three projects going on at this time. I don't think I should add another.

    Your yarn is a lovely color.