Hank, right out the womb.

Last picture of my pregnant self. I was swaying through a contraction here.

My midwife, Ruth, taking his measurements and weighing him.

A few days old.

Having a big sister means inherit lovely *girly* receiving blankets. 

Penelope is smitten with him.

A few minutes after the final push- not sure why his hand looks like he put it in ink? Weird.

Meeting her brother for the first time. All we did was say "would you like to meet your brother?" then she asked to hold him, gave him the softest kisses and gentlest hugs. Oh, my heart.

I guess I haven't talked much about our newest member of the family, and here he is, 3 months old on the 11th. This sweet guy was born on a beautiful rainy Sunday afternoon, at home, in our bed. His birth was incredible. It was much faster and more intense than his sister's birth. With Penelope, I was in labor for so long (days) that everything blurred together a bit. They were both beautiful births for me though, and it's really such a blessing to experience birthing my children in the ways I wanted.

He is the happiest yet most awake child I've ever met. He smiles a lot, especially at his dad and my mom. Good thing he is generally happy because he does not like naps or early nights. Other favorites: grabbing hair, eating his knuckles, being diaper-free, and nursing. 

We really love him and we've decided to keep him.