happiness is..

+ these folks. my big love. my smallest loves. 
+ collecting beautiful fall leaves for a project and Penny bringing me a nice, green redbud leaf she picked off a tree. it came with spiders on it. I had to laugh and be thankful I caught that before she shoved it in the bag with all the other leaves (and my car keys).
+ passionberry kombucha on special for half off at a local store. my pregnant body craves the carbonation.
+ an unexpected 5:30 nap from both kids yesterday thanks to daylight savings, which gave Bruce and I some unexpected quiet time together. worth the extremely late bedtime that followed.
+ waking up to the dog laid out across our feet on cold mornings. 
+ honeycrisp apples.
+ tiny kicks from my womb baby. this one made me wait the longest to feel it move.

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  1. Unexpected time alone with the husband is the best!

  2. yes to honeycrisp apples and baby kicks!