and then he was 1.

Hank turned 1 on the 11th. Yes, his birthday is 11/11, which I didn't even realize until days after his birth. We had some family and friends over. His party was laid back and fun, much like him. He's started walking short distances between objects/people. He loves his sister, being outside, and kefir (the only way to get him to sit still is to give him a big cup of kefir, it always buys me 5 minutes). He still feels very much like my baby, I have a feeling when April comes around I will be having a tougher time bumping him up to big brother status than he will. Basically, he is amazing. It's been such a joy to raise him, to see how alike and different he is than his sister. Both of them teach me different lessons daily and overflow my heart with love.

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