my semi 52 week project.

This is me trying to take more pictures. Trying to get completely comfortable with my camera again. Trying to capture my children since they tend to grow overnight. I saw a lot of people do this last year and thought it seemed so hard. But why? It's once a week!

Hank ::: I don't know what he was upset about. But that pouty face breaks my heart. You can bet I went and scooped him up, just not before snapping a picture.
Penny ::: we got this organizer a few weeks ago with some baskets for their toys. Mama needed a quick pick up, and we can just pull a basket out and let them go to town on it. She decided this one is a rocket ship, but needed to be bigger for her co-pilot (brother).

Ideally I would like to get pictures of the one in my belly once a week as well. I am going to be gentle on myself though and focus on getting pictures of the two that are running things around here. Maybe next week baby #3 will make the cut. 

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