It's a rainy day around these parts. I got the last of our seeds in the ground yesterday and I hope all this rain doesn't wash them out. Atleast the rain doesn't stop this little one from having a good time.

We spent most all day with my mom and it was wonderful. Our weekends have been interuptted and cut short, so i'm thankful she was able to take a day off work to spend with us. We went out to eat, bought Penelope her Easter dress, and to the bookstore. We always have a good time together. My mom gets my off sense of humor, hell I got it from her, and that keeps us close. I don't know what i'd do without her.

We're going to Arkansas on Saturday and i'm trying to make sure all the laundry is done and the house is clean before we leave. I hate coming home to a mess, or something I know I could of finished before. It's mostly my OCD. I've wanted to keep this blog up a little better, but if it doesn't happen then it doesn't happen. When schools over i'll be posting more and keeping up with this better so Penelope can look back on it and look at adorable pictures of herself (and stories, she does the craziest things, I can't wait to remind her about them).

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