We went to the grocery store last week to pick up a few things and Penny stopped dead in her tracks when we walked past the floral department. It was strange, since she usually doesn't seem to care about anything except the big display with cookies and making sure she puts everything in the cart herself. Then she asked if we could buy a bunch of flowers and I certainly couldn't tell her no. She lost interest in them as soon as we got home, which was good since I was free to do whatever I wanted with them. Turns out, her flower purchase made my week. Especially in the spots where the clutter is taking over. All the pots and pans are dirty? I'll just stare at the flowers and keep on walking. Have to change a diaper in the middle of the night? The flowers were there to greet me. It was nice having a little reminder around to just smile and be happy. Some days, I need that.

We've been outside a lot this week thanks to the weather, and now that it's started raining and cooling off again we've moved back indoors. I have a hard time transitioning from outside to indoor time, is that just me? I don't have any problem running outside and spending hours out there, but as soon as that's cut off and we are forced to stay indoors, I draw a blank. We had to return some clothes to Target that Penny got for Christmas (yes, I just finished returning Christmas stuff. I hate doing it) and we found these pastels on clearance. Needless to say, we went home and I didn't have to think about what we were going to do at home. We drew for awhile, but later the pastels became 'friends' to her collection of beanie babies. There are still little marks on the floor where the pastels ran around and chased the animals. 

Oh and a rare shot of the little one sleeping. You can see how red his hair looks here. We still have no clue what color it really is, its a guessing game every day.

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